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CIS6930/4930 Intro to Computational Neuroscience Fall 2007 Home Work Assignment 1: Due Tuesday 09/11/07 before class All solutions have to be written using Latex. If you do not have experience with Latex, check out the source file for this homework. A link has been provided in the class page. Store your file as answer.tex and to get the pdf file simply run: $ pdflatex answer.tex This will create the file answer.pdf For each of the four papers noted on the class web-page, write a one page critique (in 11 pt, fullpage
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Unformatted text preview: format). Note that the critique is for future use as a reminder to what is in the paper. Make sure you address the following. 1. A succinct description of what the result of the paper is. 2. Why did the authors use this experimental paradigm? Could it be improved? 3. Are there any weaknesses to the paper? 4. Are there potential perspectives where the same results could be interpreted differently? 5. Interesting papers referenced in the bibliography that you need to read. 1...
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