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A e s t h e t i c C o m p u t i n g SPRING 2002: CIS 4930 or CIS 6930 (Special Topics: Aesthetic Computing) MWF 7 IDEAL PRE-REQS: Simulation, Graphics Course Description: Principles of artistically-motivated, personalized representations of formal model structures in computing and mathematics Programmatic Considerations: A required course for the graduate MS Digital Arts and Sciences (DAS) student, and optional for BS DAS Student. Course Content Overview: Regular and Guest Lectures, Student Presentations Prior CIS 6930 Course Syllabus : (taught twice in Spring 2000 and Spring 2001)
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Unformatted text preview: (Printed web materials are attached) Text: Required notes and papers (purchased at copy center) Grading: Homework and Projects involving both physical and software deliverables Class presentations Course Topics : 1. Connections and bridges between the arts and computing disciplines 2. Aesthetics and perception 3. History of language and communication 4. Semiotics: the theory of sign formation 5. Making connections: computational methods of analogy and metaphor, morphisms 6. Static and dynamic model structures in mathematics and computing 7. Methods of production as applied to formal modeling...
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