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Midterm – Virtual Environments integrative paper CIS6930/4930 – Design and Creation of Virtual Environments Due: 5 PM, November 1 st , 2005 (Tuesday) Undergraduate: Find two major papers and write a five (MAXIMUM) page report combining the ideas in both papers. Graduate : Find three major papers and write a seven (MAXIMUM) page report combining the ideas in all papers. Your goal is to: 1. Summarize contributions (30%) 2. Integrate ideas (70%) That is, you should NOT simply summarize the papers, but try to create a compelling argument that uses the contributions of both papers. IF YOU ONLY SUMMARIZE, YOU WILL FAIL THE MIDTERM. Ex. If I read two papers, one on CAVE displays, and another on head tracking, I should include a section in my paper describing what the issues are in head tracking in CAVEs and given an application, say engineering design, how I would approach head tracking in CAVE environment.
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Unformatted text preview: 1 page – intro/motivation 1 pages – summary 2.5 pages – integrate ideas 0.5 pages – conclusion Formatting: 12 point, Times New Roman, double spaced. If you have pictures (always nice), you can have up to 1 page of pictures that do not count towards your page total. Rules on papers to use: At least one (two for graduate students) needs to come from a major conference. This would include: • ACM SIGGRAPH • IEEE VR • ACM I3D • IEEE Visualization • ACM SIGCHI • Eurographics • Human Factors • VRST If you are unsure about the quality of a publication, please send me an email. Look through the class textbook to find ideas for papers. Grading: Atrocious grammar: -10% Each day late = -10% Turn in: You’ll turn in a report via a weblink (I’ll download it and save it), or CD. bclok Page 1 1/15/2012...
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