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Assignment #1 – Fishtank VR CIS4930/6930 – Advanced Interactive Graphics and Virtual Environments Part A Due: February 5 th , 2005 (Monday – 11 AM) Part B Due: February 12 th , 2005 (Monday – 11 AM) Build a Fishtank VR game using AR Toolkit for the interface and view transforms ( 15 percent of total grade) Step A. Building a 3D VE (40 points) Download and install ARToolKit. (Example code is located here). Print out the marker. Create some sort of headband/hat and affix the marker to it. Create a set of 3D models (it should form some coherent scene [10 points]). Write a system that takes the user’s head position (via the tracked marker) and renders the 3D view of the object as if it were beyond the screen [30 points]. 3DOF tracking is required. Assume the user is looking at the center of the screen. You can incorporate models you’ve found on the web, but you must EXPLICITLY denote which models YOU’VE CREATED and which models YOU’VE DOWNLOADED .
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