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Assignment #2 – Mixed Reality CIS4930/6930 – Advanced Interactive Graphics and Virtual Environments Due: March 23rd, 2007 (Monday – 11 AM) Create a compelling mixed reality experience to teach the user about a real object or system ( 15 percent of total grade) Part A (Mixed Reality): Fuse a real world object (e.g. a printer, a guitar, or a bike) with a corresponding virtual world. Your goal is to build a ‘magic lens’ interface and visualize 3D computer graphics atop a real world object. Using AR ToolKit (or any other tracking approach), place a marker (an anchor ) on a real object. Have that be tracked by a webcam attached to a display device (like a laptop, TabletPC, PDA, etc.). Use the anchor marker to properly position the computer graphics. If you do not have a display device that is mobile, please contact me. Assume the lens is held at arms length, and the user is looking directly through the center of the lens. The graphics do NOT need to be in stereo. It should appear registered with the real object. Part B: (Interaction)
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