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project3 - Assignment#3 Project Propose your own...

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Assignment #3 –Project: Propose your own CAP4930/6930 –Virtual Environments Due: May 2 nd , 2007 30% of your grade Create an innovative virtual experience. Project Requirements Novel Interaction Method – user should primarily interact with your system without mouse/keyboard/joystick Tracking – you must track the head (6 DOF) and at least one other objects (6 DOF) Tracked Interaction – One of the tracked objects should be able to select and move virtual objects Stereo rendering Sound – suggest using OpenAL Tell a compelling story/Present a compelling experience/Overall Quality (6 points) Your project should have a cohesive story to it. Make it interesting. Schedule April 2md–Each person writes a 1 page proposal (5 points) telling me: 1. What you plan on doing 2. How you plan on doing it 3. What you feel you need to get done for an 'E', 'D', 'C', 'B', and 'A'. April 4
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