Tecnical Electives - Fall 2009

Tecnical Electives - Fall 2009 - Dimensionality reduction...

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Technical Electives Fall 2009 Course # Section # Time Title Instructor CAP 4621 4752 M W F 8 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Dankel,Douglas CAP 4800 2293 M W F 2 SYSTEMS SIMULATION Fishwick,Paul A CGS 3065 7098 T 2-3 R 3 Haskins,Gerald 7099 T 4 R 4-5 Haskins,Gerald CIS 4912C DEPT M W F 9 INTEGRATED PRODUCT & PROCESS DESIGN 1 STAFF CIS 4930 1185 M W F 7 HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION Lok,Benjamin 1598 T 7 R 7-8 Special Topics in Sampling, Reconstruction, and Applications Entezari, Alireza 1882 T 11 R 10-11 SECURE PROGRAMMING Wilson, Joseph Instructor Permission M 5 W 5-6 ANONYMITY Newman, Richard 2497 M W F 4
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Unformatted text preview: Dimensionality reduction and applications Sitharam, Meera 2959 M W F 2 Chip Multiprocessor (CMP): Parallel Architecture and Programming Peir, Jih-kwon 3004 T 8-9 H 9 Context Based Systems Chow, Yuan 4465 T 2-3 R 3 Parallel/High Performance Computing Ranka, Sanjay 4530 M W F 10 DESIGN PATTERNS Small,David T Instructor Permission TBA ACM PROGRAMMING TEAM Small, David T CIS 4940 Instructor Permission TBA PRACTICAL WORK STAFF CIS 4949 Instructor Permission TBA CO-OP WORK EXPERIENCE STAFF COP 4620 2357 M W F 8 TRANSLATORS Bermudez,Manuel...
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Tecnical Electives - Fall 2009 - Dimensionality reduction...

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