CHM3217 - CHM 3217 Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry 1 Fall...

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CHM 3217 Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry 1 Section 0808 Fall Semester, 2011 Class Time s: T, R 13:55-15:50 Prof. Nigel Richards Place : FLI 115 Leigh 428 Email: Office Hours : To be scheduled (see below) Course Description This course will provide an overview of the basic principles of organic chemistry from a structural and mechanistic viewpoint. The emphasis will be upon understanding the reactivity and other properties of carbon-based molecules in terms of their structure and fundamental chemical principles. The basic principles of organic (and general) chemistry are an essential element in acquiring a detailed understanding of the biological systems that will be discussed. Please note that by selecting this course you should be aware that you MUST register for CHM 3218 in order to satisfy both departmental and professional school requirements for undergraduate organic chemistry. CHM 3217 and CHM 3218 provide an integrated sequence covering structure, bonding, functional group properties and biological chemistry. Students are expected to attend all lecture classes that are not test reviews unless I state otherwise. The bad news is that attendance at my lectures and office hours will significantly enhance your chances of getting a good grade in this course - please don’t say you weren’t warned. ... This observation is based solely on my experience! This is a pretty tough class and I expect you to work hard to master the material given the relatively small number of lectures in which it is covered. This means that when I don’t set or collect any defined homework problems, I expect you to study for at least 2 hours a day in addition to attending the lecture! We will move at a fast pace, so you must keep up with the problems and reading … Many students find it beneficial to form study groups that meet regularly during the semester. Course Materials James A. Deyrup, "Outrageous Organic Chemistry" This is a well-written set of course notes that I will follow pretty closely throughout the semester. You should have no difficulty in obtaining a copy from Target Copy from Monday, August 22, 2010 onwards . Note that the strategy to do well in this class is as follows…
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CHM3217 - CHM 3217 Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry 1 Fall...

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