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Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry II CHM3218/CHM5305 Fall 2011 This class covers material commonly found in undergraduate biochemistry courses, with an emphasis on application of concepts from organic chemistry. Topics will include amino acids and proteins, enzyme structure, mechanisms and kinetics, primary metabolism, and nucleic acid structure and metabolism. Professor: Steven Bruner Contact info: Office: Leigh Hall 404 Phone: 392-0525 email: Teaching assistants: Sasha Zagulyaeva,, Leigh 337 Jarrod Mousa,, Leigh 335 Course material: Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, Fifth or Fourth Edition, Nelson, D. L. and Cox, M. M. W.H. Freeman & Co. Prerequisites Students should have taken and passed either CHM 2210 and 2211 or CHM 3217 before attempting this course Exams: Three exams will be given in class on: Tuesday September 20th Thursday October 20th Thursday November 17th Final Exam: Monday December 12th @ 7:30AM Out of the three exams, the lowest grade will be dropped and the remainder will each
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Unformatted text preview: count 30% of the final grade. The final will be worth 40%. Since one exam is dropped, there will be no makeup exams . The exams will emphasize lecture material and assigned problems. Grading: At the end of the semester, grades will be curved so the median for the class is approximately a B/B-. Office hours: Prof. Bruner will hold weekly office hours: Mondays 1:30-2:30 (or by appointment email) Wednesdays 10-11 Thursdays 2-3 TAs: Sasha Zagulyaeva Tuesdays 10:30-11:30 Jarrod Mousa Fridays 11-12 Material: Any lecture slides, handouts, assignments and additional course material will be posted online. Homework: Assignments will be announced in class and posted on the web. (Practicing many problems is the best way to learn organic/biochemistry). Cheating: In accordance with university policies, any circumstances of cheating will be aggressively pursued and dealt with. Syllabus: The course will cover approximately the first twenty chapters of your text....
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