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Advanced Biochemistry/Chemical Biology – CHM 4034 Syllabus CHM 4034-5250, Fall 2011, Tuesday and Thursday, 4:05 pm Classroom: LEI 242 Professor Rebecca A. Butcher, [email protected], Office LEI 340 TA: Colin Conerly, [email protected], Office LEI 148 Course Description. We will cover advanced topics in biochemistry and chemical biology. Prerequisites. CHM 3218 (or its equivalent). Topics to be covered: Physical properties of nucleic acids, amino acids and proteins; DNA/RNA synthesis; Translation; Enzymes and point mutagenesis; Peptide synthesis; Unnatural amino acids; DNA damage & repair; Directed evolution of enzymes; Natural product biosynthesis; Antibiotics; Chemical genetics; Small-molecule/drug discovery Textbook: Readings will come from review articles and research articles (references will be provided in class). Principles of Biochemistry by David Nelson and Michael Cox, 5 th Edition, WH Freeman and Company, 2008 will provide a review of basic background, but is not necessary for the course. Problem Sets.
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