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ramachandran - Ramachandran Plot...

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Unformatted text preview: Ramachandran Plot 64M5_scFv_VL—1inker—VH_His6__final Psi (degrees) O I 45 Phi (degrees) Plot statistics Residues in most favoured regions [A,B,L] 163 765% Residues in additional allowed regions [a.b,l,p] 40 13.8% Residues in generously allowed regions [-a.~b.~l.~p] 5 2.3% Residues in disallowed regions 5 2.3% Number of non-glycine and non-proline residues 213 100.0% Number of end-residues (excl. Giy and Pro) 2 Number of glycine residues (shown as triangles) 35 Number of proline residues 9 Total number of residues 259 Based on an analysis of 118 structures of resolution of at least 2.0 Angstroms and R-faeror no greater than 20%. a good quality model would be expected to have over 90% in the most favoured regions. ...
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