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Links for The Double Helix There are lots of resources on the web; here are a few. Article and photographs of the four people who discovered the structure of DNA. From the Chemical Heritage Foundation. The nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine 1962 On the 50th anniversary celebrations of the publication of the structure of DNA, Nature presents this web focus, containing news, features and web specials celebrating the historical, scientific and cultural impacts of the discovery of the double helix.
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Unformatted text preview: A Special Section of the NY Times on 2/25/03 featured a series of articles exploring the Double Helix Discovery. The section's highlights include: 50 years of DNA- An interactive feature from the NY Times. Reinventing Biology- a NY Times article on the work of Watson and Crick. Rosalind Franklin- the importance of her work is still debated. Human genome project. National Human Genome Research Institute. Human genome project information.
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