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This week we are covering two topics, the relationship between science and the media (and the responsibilities of scientists in this regard) and scientific misconduct. The two topics overlap to some degree and we will look in particular at that overlap. Science and the Media First, read the chapter on science and the media, Chapter 7 (pages 183-203), in Grief and Merz (2007). Second, read the article from the American Journal of Botany by Nisbet and Scheufele (2009). [available as a PDF on the web site] Together these two readings give a fairly complete view of the relationship between the media and science. Scientific Misconduct Next, read the chapter on concealing evidence, Chapter 8 (pages 205-234), in Grief and Merz (2007). Read also the chapters on conflicts of interest, data and mentoring (pp. 67-113) in the Office of Research Integrity document (Steneck 2007) that we've been reading this semester. The Hauser misconduct case
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