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CEN3031_HW3_FA11 - what self-documenting programs are and...

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CEN 3031 HOMEWORK 3 Due Date: 11:59 PM, Thursday, November 24 th You are required to read 14-16 chapters of Mythical Man Month and answer the following questions: 1. When a first line manager sees his small team slipping behind, he tries to solve the problem without reporting to the boss if possible. The author talked about this like "the dirt gets swept under the rug". However, two kinds of information must be known by the boss, "exceptions to plan that require action and a status picture for education". So two rug-lifting techniques are open to the boss. Please explain these two techniques. 2. The author talked about self-documenting programs in chapter 15. Please explain
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Unformatted text preview: what self-documenting programs are and the notions of an approach that can minimize the burden of such documentation. 3. In chapter 16, in order to see what rate of progress we can expect in software technology, the author examined its difficulties. He divides the difficulties into two parts, essence the difficulties inherent in the nature of the software, and accidents those difficulties that today attend its production but that are not inherent. Please enumerate the inherent properties of the irreducible essence of modern software systems and explain why they are there....
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