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CEN 3031 Introduction to Software Engineering (SP2011) Final Group Project Report Due: April 29 th , 2011, 11:55 pm MAX – 7 Pages(A4) Format: PDF Introduction : Write a one-page high-level overview of your project. Write a half-page summary of the “ final state ” of the software developed. Specification and Implementation: Develop a checklist of requirements that were specified in the Software Requirements Specification. For each one, state its status in the final version of the software, i.e. implemented, not implemented, or partially implemented. Test Cases : Describe the test cases your team designed and verified for the application. Write a list of bugs that were later found during testing, and during the final demo. Challenges Faced : Comment in detail the challenges your team faced in the following respects. 1. An appropriate understanding of the problems faced. What challenges, if any, did your team regarding understanding the nature of the problems faced during the project? What strategies did you adopt to mitigate this problem?
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