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Seniha_Esen_Yuksel_Resume - SENIHA ESEN YUKSEL Ph.D CSE...

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SENIHA ESEN YUKSEL, Ph.D. CSE Bldg. Rm 542, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611 USA Cell: 352 870 4993 Email: [email protected] Home page: http://www.cise.ufl.edu/~seyuksel/ INTERESTS: Machine learning, computer vision, statistical analysis and applied math. EDUCATION: Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Sciences & Engineering 2006 2011 University of Florida, Gainesville, USA Chair: Prof. Paul D. Gader Dissertation: Context-based classification via data-dependent mixtures of logistic and hidden Markov model classifiers. Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering 2003 2005 University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, USA Chair: Prof. Aly A. Farag Thesis: Image processing methods for the detection of acute rejection after kidney transplantation. Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering 1999 2003 Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey WORK EXPERIENCE: Postdoctoral Researcher August 2011 Present Department of Material Science and Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA. Working in an interdisciplinary project the Material Science and Engineering Department and the Computer Engineering Department at UF, to develop tools for hyper-spectral data classification for the detection of explosive materials by differential reflection spectroscopy. o Keywords: SVM, end-member detection, hyper-spectral data classification. Research Assistant 2007 2011 Computational Science & Intelligence Lab, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA Worked on context-based multi-class classification for landmine detection using ground penetrating radar (GPR) and wide-band electro-magnetic Induction (WEMI) data. o Implemented a fusion algorithm of GPR and WEMI confidence values using Hierarchical Mixture of Experts that significantly increased the classification rates while providing insightful results. o Implemented the variational mixture of experts algorithm for multi-class classification and derived a lower bound for it to prevent over-training. o Keywords: Landmine detection, fusion, Bayesian and variational models. Developed a novel model, Mixture of Hidden Markov Models Experts (MHMME), for context-based multi-class classification of sequential data. o Keywords: Context-based classification, hidden Markov models, mixture of experts, 2D shape recognition, MATLAB . Developed a novel model based on multiple instance learning for the context-based classification of time-series data with ambiguous features. o Keywords: Multiple instance learning, sampling, hidden Markov models.
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Seniha Esen Yuksel, Resume, Page 2 of 6 Research Assistant 2006 2007 Center for Vision, Graphics and Medical Imaging, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA Worked on a project to validate the fiber paths from DT-MRI with histology fluoroscopy images obtained from a rat brain stem.
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Seniha_Esen_Yuksel_Resume - SENIHA ESEN YUKSEL Ph.D CSE...

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