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CEN 3031 HOMEWORK 3 Due Date: 11:59 PM, Tuesday, March 22. You are required to read 9-10 chapters of Mythical Man-Month and answer the following  questions: 1.  “For the project manager, size control is partly a technical job and partly a managerial one.”  “In OS/360, even though all of this was done very carefully, still other lessons had to be  painfully learned.” Please enumerate these lessons and the morals that come along. 2. TRUE or FALSE a.  For a given function, the less space, the faster.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Performance specifications and postulated prices are needed to generate a market forecast for a computer product. c. In many software projects, people begin by writing programs. 3. The technology, the surrounding organization, and the traditions of the craft conspire to define certain items of paperwork that a project must prepare. Please describe the necessity to have formal documents. 4. What can the manager do to help his team make good space-time trade-offs?...
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