Topics to Review - 1 Outline of Topics for Review Biology...

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1 Outline of Topics for Review Biology 20B Winter 2008 Midterm – Animal Section THIS IS A STUDY GUIDE ONLY…IT DOES NOT NECESSARILY IN COVER ALL TOPICS THAT WILL OR MAY BE ON THE EXAM. Chapter 40: Form and Function 1. Structure and function – how are they related 2. Surface area to volume relationships 3. Four tissue types – structure and function of each type and know at least one example 4. Bioenergetics – what is it, why is it important and what does it influence 5. Metabolic rate – be able to define, how is it measured 6. Basal metabolic rate & standard metabolic rate 7. Direct vs. indirect Calorimetry 8. Endothermy vs. ectothermy – define, compare, contrast 9. Poikilotherms vs. Homeotherms – define, compare, contrast 10. What factors influence metabolism 11. How does mass-specific metabolic rate change with increasing body size 12. Homeostasis – what is it, why is it important 13. Conformers and regulators – define, compare, contrast 14. What is a negative feedback loop – you should know several examples 15. What is a positive feedback loop – give an example 16. Conduction, convection, radiation, evaporative heat loss - define 17. Give an example of a circulatory adaptation for reducing heat loss and an example of a behavioral example of heat loss. Chapter 41: Nutrition and Digestion 1. Heterotroph – define 2. What are the needs an animal’s diet must satisfy 3. What does the word essential mean when discussing nutritional needs 4. Glucose regulation – you should know the whole deal Fig. 41.3 5. Leptin – what does it do 6. Carbs (CHO) proteins and fats – compare and contrast – how much energy does 1gram of each yield? 7. Know the essential amino acids 8. Know what steps of digestion occur in specific parts of the digestive system 9. Pepsinogen, pepsin, and HCl – define, what do they do 10. Know what occurs in the small intestine, duodenum and how the pancreas is involved 11. Know how fats are transported from the lumen of the small intestine into the circulatory system
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Topics to Review - 1 Outline of Topics for Review Biology...

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