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Second Exam Topic List for STA 4321/5325 How is probability represented for a continuous random variable? What are the properties of a density function? What is the definition of a distribution function? What are the properties of a distribution function. How is an expected value found for a function of a continuous random variable? Be able to do this. What do the mean and variance represent? What is the mean and variance of a linear function of a random variable with known mean and variance? What characterizes a uniform random variable? Know its density function. What characterizes a normal random variable? How can we use a standard normal table to evaluate probabilities for any normal distribution? Be able to perform these evaluations. What types of settings are modeled with a Gamma random variable? Know the density, the mean and the variance for a Gamma and an exponential random variable and the properties of the gamma function. Know the density for a Beta random variable?
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