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127 1102response1 - building with many other constructions...

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Response I am most interested in terraFutura #9 by Bryan Steiff. When I first looked at this image, I thought it was a residential district or a neighborhood factory. Maybe some photographer shot this picture from a high perspective so that the image presents the “shrank” buildings and constructions. Maybe in the next second, a person would walk out. By the second sight, I surprisingly saw it clearly as the assembly of mechanical parts. When I observe it piece by piece, I saw so many small parts lying on the same baseboard. There is no way for me to step into this “city”. I think the photographer just wanted to use the sense of distance and this district-like assembly to amuse the audience as well as let them realize what a complicated world they are living in. So that when the audiences look at this image at the first time, they would associate it with the place where they live and they pass by every day. I associated it with my home in China. A small apartment locates in a tall
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Unformatted text preview: building with many other constructions around it. When I am in that complicated area, I do not know how it looks like from the perspective of an outsider. Only when we jump out of it can we realize what exactly the place where we are is like. What Cole talked about in his essay is scale. He said when the human beings were in the size of atom or giant, the world will totally change. It is not just a matter of scale. Likewise, the change of quantity will influence quality in some way. For instance, if three people share the resource for fifteen people, each of them would get enough. If there are thirteen people, each of them also get enough this time. However, when thirty people share that, it will definitely lack. Cole said that sentence because he wanted to help readers to understand his theory that when size changes, other things will change, too....
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127 1102response1 - building with many other constructions...

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