1102 -150response to the Edward Hopper and the House by the Railroad

1102 -150response to the Edward Hopper and the House by the Railroad

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Response to Hopper and Hirsch Edward Hirsch is interested in the painter Edward Hopper, but he is interested in the theme that Hopper presents, too. Hopper is characterized as an observer staring the world and finding the nature of humans. He reveals the secret of the house. It is a lonely house expecting someone’s visiting or living in, but it fear of being taken up and letting others live in it. This house is a person. It represents you. It represents me. It is everybody. Hopper is relentless to so directly reveal this truth, but it is more relentless that everyone closes the door on others and does not allow them to come in. Sometimes, we would feel lonely and blame that nobody knows us.
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Unformatted text preview: However, it is ourselves to blame. Each of us live in a certain community, but our inner world does not. We just deliberately set up defense in between to make sure nobody would come in to our inner world. Only in this way, we could feel safe because no one would know clearly what kind of person we are. We always hide ourselves. The deeper we hide, the safer we feel, and the lonelier we become. Even if we are lonely, we still cannot let others in because defense them is our goal. Loneliness is the ultimate consequence. It is a vicious circle. Some people could never jump out of it and be lonely for the whole life. It is the embarrassment of our life....
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