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1102 310 response to on photography

1102 310 response to on photography - not that what...

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Response to On Photography I partly agree with the author Susan Sontag. I used to think the reason why I always take my camera with me when I went for a trip is that I wanted to record my happiness, but I see now this reason can only be sorted to the Sontag’s theory as “that fun was had”. Photography is not just a matter of social rite but also about our valuable memory. What a great pity if we did not record the important moment we had in our life. I shoot the photos does not because I want to show I had that moment but because that was something worth remember. After I graduated from high school, I found that there was not much for me to remember. It is
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Unformatted text preview: not that what happened in the high school was not worth remembering but that I was not able to remember them without some evidence. I suddenly realize that I did not take enough photos. Those high school days were gone and would never be back but I forgot to record them. Photos are like rolls of films. Everyday of our life could be the pictures on the film so that when I want to review those days, we can play the films and recall the days we experienced, laugh for the happiness we had, think of the problems we encountered, and I will know in which day I did what. In this way, I would not be ignorant of my history....
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