1102 essay The Buerhatong River

1102 essay The Buerhatong River - 1 The Buerhatong River...

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1 The Buerhatong River The Buerhatong River, which runs through my hometown, is 101.9 miles long in the whole. It is old because the name, Buerhatong, was given by an empire of Qing Dynasty in China, which was 300 years ago. The Buerhatong River is important to the city as well as to the citizens in Yanji because it is the main water resource of industry here. The government has spent two hundred million RMB (about 25 million dollars) to deal with the water contamination of Buerhatong River at the latest policy. My family has moved four times in my childhood, but wherever we move, we have never been too far away from Buerhatong River. We were always on the bank with only the location differences. Since I was able to walk, this big river became a part of my fairyland. I swam, took baths and played in it. On the banks, where various beautiful flowers, grass and trees covered the earth, I tried to catch beautiful dragonflies and butterflies, or sometimes climb the trees with other little boys and girls. Those days, when I was just a little kid, the water was quite clean. One of my young aunt’s interests was to bring me to the river and help me take a bath there. I, actually, cared nothing about bathing, but the playing time that was allowed after bathing really attracted
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1102 essay The Buerhatong River - 1 The Buerhatong River...

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