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1102 never just pictures

1102 never just pictures - Losing weight and being thin is...

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Response to Never Just Pictures This article is insightful! I hold the same opinion with the author. The media is leading the trend of people’s view of fashion. It is fine, but it is not so when the image that the media promoting is distorted: I mean, abnormal. The businesspersons who deal with the business of fashion will never let you be the real fashionable person. If you can reach fashion, everybody else can. Then who cares what fashion is? We would never reach to the FASHION, the businesspersons will always set the concept of fashion on those characteristics or stuff that you do not have!
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Unformatted text preview: Losing weight and being thin is a kind of fashion now. It makes the drug and medicines that help you to lose weight get a big market. Actually, is being thin really a good image? Who can judge it good or bad? Because fashion defines that being fat is not good, so you need to spend much money to lose all the fat that you have? Not true! The drug dealer made this trap. As soon as we can jump out of the trend following the fashion, we can define the beauty by ourselves. In addition, we will know how needless it is to pursue something that we will never get....
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