1102 The Little Store

1102 The Little Store - Little Store, the readers can read...

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She did not describe about the Little Store first, but told the story of her mother sending her to buy some grocery, and then described about the road to that Little Store. She sang the song of grocery, played nearby. She can recall those games clearly. The store was not just a place selling grocery to make their life to be convenient but it is a symbol of her childhood and it is filled with her memory. She likes it. These paragraphs make an atmosphere of warm and sweet old days, and express the author’s favor of the store. When she started to describe
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Unformatted text preview: Little Store, the readers can read about the store carefully to find out the reason she loves it. The senses are visual sense, sense of smelling, sense of touch and the sense of taste. The whole passage is the recollection of the authors childhood. When she thinks of the old story and old scene, the tone naturally became that of a little girls, so the childlike perspective of the essay is reinforced....
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