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More holes to be dug in mine search

More holes to be dug in mine search - Professor Rigg Aug 14...

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Professor Rigg Aug. 14, 2007 More holes to be dug in mine search The cave-in that happened in Huntington, Utah is still a focus of the world. Three holes were drilled to send food, water and for communication, yet the expected function was not reached. It is the eight day since the six miners were trapped in the collapse, but the people outside still do not give up. More holes are to be dug. I am concerned about the six miners and also moved by the rescue effort. The rescuing group used various ways to test the exact location where the miners should be. After failures, they still go on rescuing. The miners’ families are outside waiting anxiously. The people around the town are all concerned about those six people and their love show on the written signs on fences,” God bless our 6 miners”. China bridge collapse kills 29, injures at least 22 A bridge collapsed in Fenghuang City in south China, killing at least 29 people, injuring at least 22 people. This accident was the worst among the recent ones.
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  • Geneva, American Red Cross, International Committee of the Red Cross, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

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