My question stapled to Object essay

My question stapled to Object essay - about an object is...

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It’s my first semester here and I haven’t taken composition 1101 because my TOEFL passed 550. I found 1102 is the class for developing one’s point of view and thoughts. Maybe in 1101, teacher would put more emphasize on grammar, the structure of writing, and some other basic elements. I learned some when I was in China, but it is not sufficient. One of my fellow students got an A for the content of the essay but a D for the small mistakes and format. Since the essay on writing
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Unformatted text preview: about an object is the first one that would be graded, maybe there are many mistakes to be revised and many instructions to get. When will you grade that? And How will you give the instruction to improve it? I also wanna learn more about how American students construct their essay when they get a title. If you grade my paper, please highlight the sentences that you don’t say. I just wanna avoid those stupid sentences that do not make sense....
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