Outline - A How I learned Chinese B What I think about...

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Oral Communication 5 September 2007 Topic: Talking about Myself Specific Purpose: Let people know about me Thesis Statement: I like all colors, I volleyball and I am relearning Korean. These are my personality, hobby and language experience. Introduction Attention Show the audience an uncompleted drawing on the screen. (Transition: What I need to do today is to finish it.) Body . First Object: Color Pencil A. I like all colors. B. The fondness of all colors shows my personality. I like diversity and difference. C. I am accommodating to every one. (Transition: I like difference, so I like different languages.) . Second Object: Korean teaching book
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Unformatted text preview: Ⅱ A. How I learned Chinese. B. What I think about learning English C. How I am learning Korean. D. The languages are of importance to me. (Transition: I love colors, I love languages and I like one kind of sport. Volleyball.) . Third Object: Volleyball Ⅲ A. The volleyball and me B. I realize the importance and the benefit of doing sports. (Transition: So, where should I put the volleyball? Just let me put it here and complete this.) Conclusion This drawing represents me. Dressing colorful clothes, playing volleyball, speaking Chinese, Korean and English, I am Piao Lina....
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Outline - A How I learned Chinese B What I think about...

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