Piao - the society and he is open to the media. The owners...

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Written Communication 13 September 2007 Eateries to face harsher scrutiny This piece of news tells that new health rules will standardize inspections across Georgia, which makes it harder for the eatery owners to practice and observe. The author approves the new rules and shows his positive opinion of it. He believes that this law will be brought into effect and will benefit the society. The author writes in this way with this idea because he wants more readers to know about the new rules and helps to put in practice the law. He explains, “A new scoring system” can, “add letter grades, and reports must also be posted prominently near the entrance and on drive-through windows”. In the news, the author uses the example of Bahraini to be the evidence. Bahraini as a restaurant owner is willing to show the inside of his restaurant to
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Unformatted text preview: the society and he is open to the media. The owners attitude, behavior and his words all show the hope of the new law. This is the truth, but the truth is not sufficient. The author does not provide more information about the others who would take the inspection and the opposite side who do not want to show their restaurant in the newspaper. Someone else may think this new law is too strict and harsh, especially those eatery owners. They will be the most powerful objectors to oppose it. However, the author says, Its all designed to protect public health. to show the importance of the new rules, which I think is convincing because the more strict the rules are, the better the restaurants will be, and the more healthy people will be....
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Piao - the society and he is open to the media. The owners...

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