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Research paper - 2008-3-9 QUESTION What challenges have you encountered in working with a team(in this class or in some other setting How have you

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Unformatted text preview: 2008-3-9 QUESTION: What challenges have you encountered in working with a team (in this class, or in some other setting)? How have you tried to overcome these challenges? Are there benefits to team work that make it worth the challenge? It is no doubt that teamwork it helpful for our studying, but it also can bring challenges for us. During this class, I met two main challenges in the process of teamwork. The first challenge is how to communicate with my peers. Our group is consisted of three Chinese international students and one American student. There is no problem about communicating with the other four Chinese students because we came from the same culture. However, it is very hard for me to communicate with the only American student. Sometimes, I cannot understand his opinion, and he does not like to talk very much. The other challenge is no one wants to be the leader, so it is very hard for us to organize a discussion, an interview, or any other group works. For conquering these two challenges, I tried to talk with the American student in our group initiatively, give him our email addresses, and discuss how to finish our assignments with him. I also tried to be a good leader for our group. I tried my best to do the interview during class, ask questions as much as possible, take notes, and so on. Teamwork is a good way to help us improve our writing level. A group always knows more than only one person. With the hard work of the whole group, our project will be much better than “my project”. Therefore, group work is worth the challenges for me. ...
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