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self-evaluation - audience could easily follow me My...

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Oral Communication 17 October 2007 Self-evaluation on the Informative Speech I think I did a good job on the speech. Before I went to the front, I thought I would stick in the middle of the sentences and too nervous to say anything more. However, I survived it. My strong points are that I deliberately chose this topic because I think this is a useful one and did the research of books, articles, websites and among people. My pronunciation is clear enough but I do not know if my voice is loud enough too. My speaking speed is fine. I paid attention to my eye contact. The visual aid PowerPoint listed all my main points so that the
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Unformatted text preview: audience could easily follow me. My transitional parts are obvious and the whole speech draft is coherent. In the end, there was a game to play, and I felt all the audiences were engaged in it. My weak points are that I was nervous and not quite confident, so I always misspoke the words and had to repeat that. Too much of this cases are annoying. The audience engagement was not so good in the middle part because I just talked and talked without something that could attract their attention. My speech is a useful one but not an interesting one. Eye contact might not be sufficient and my voice might not be loud enough....
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