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Critique on an Off Class Presentation Oct. 3 2007. Student Center Room 152, Presenter was Kathleen Baine Topic: What is STC and Why Should I Join? This is a good presentation sending much information. The presenter Kathleen Baine focused on the students whose major is TCOM or those who are interested in this major to introduce this special organization, Society for Technical Communication. This is a combination of informative speech and persuasive speech. She talked very well about STC and the benefit if the students join in. She used the visual aid, PowerPoint, to show the frame of her speech, which is quite clear. This made the students easier to understand her speech. Her delivery
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Unformatted text preview: was quite good and fluent. Her speaking speed was not very fast but was OK to understand. Her eye contact was natural, as a teacher was teaching the students. She would wait for our reaction, like nodding heads, asking questions or confused faces, and response to our reactions. Her weak point is that this speech was a little boring because for the whole time, it was just herself standing there talking and talking. PowerPoint with many words on it was the only visual aid. She should have added humor or some other attraction to make the speech interesting to catch the audience’s attention, or sometimes they would be absent-minded....
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