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Critique of the In-class Presentation Topic: Caving This is a relatively good informative speech. The presenter was confident and enthusiastic. Her voice was loud enough for everybody in the classroom. Eye contact was OK, too. Her speaking speed was slow so that everyone could follow her well. She used the visual aid PowerPoint to help her with understanding of the speech, which was quite good. She added much knowledge to her presentation, which was about different kinds of caves. I did learn something about cave. Her defects are 1) The video clip in the beginning had nothing much to do with the whole body part. 2) She did not establish her credibility. 3) Her
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Unformatted text preview: transitional sentences are not quite good. 4) Her conclusion part came too suddenly and was short. She could have added some sentences of taking action for caving. 5) The knowledge part seemed a little bit long. The subject of this speech should be caving, a kind of sport, but I think she told too much about caves, which made for the caving part, she did not have time to give sufficient caving information. I think she was a little out of the track. Anyway, I learnt something from her speech. She acted like a professor, which I like. As a students without any experience of caving, this is pretty good....
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