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critique2 - offensive to some of the audience who likes the...

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The Critique of an in Class Speech Topic: The difference between American education and Chinese education This is an insightful speech with good organization and particular content. Transitional part is obvious so that the audience can distinguish different parts. She read the draft, which was not quite appropriate. Because of this, she had few eye contacts or body language. Her speaking speed is too quick, too. Therefore, the audience engagement is not quite good though her speech content is good. Moreover, though I think this is a special one, her speech is
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Unformatted text preview: offensive to some of the audience who likes the Chinese education, because she said bad things on Chinese education. I like the speech itself. Her insightful understanding of two educations is impressive, yet the delivery seems not as good as the speech itself. She needs a little more practice of eye contact, tone, body language, speed, and audience engagement. Maybe this time is because she did not have enough time to prepare for the speech well....
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