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Eateries to face harsher scrutiny

Eateries to face harsher scrutiny - Seth Some get...

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Eateries to face harsher scrutiny The new health rules are more strict and harsh, so the eateries may have a hard time. The author knows there is still a long way to go, but he approves the new rules and he holds an optimistic attitude to all restaurants and inspectors. In the news, he took an example of Seth Bahraini who cooperated the inspector Highsmith to inspect his restaurant. This shows the author thinks what Seth Bahraini did is right and he wants all the other restaurant owner follow Seth. He quoted Highsmith’s words ”Everyone is not as accepting as
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Unformatted text preview: Seth. Some get belligerent. Some say, ‘What?’” to show he prefers Seth Bahraini’s attitude. At the end, the author used Bahraini’s words “I have a responsibility here. It’s my job”, leaving the reader hope towards the practice of the new rules. The words that can show author’s point of views are: “standardize” “It’s all designed to protect public health.” “confident” “intently” “understanding” “I have a responsibility here. It’s my job.”...
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