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Exploration of Author - governor’s description toward...

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Exploration of Author’s Point of View on Atlanta bill would outlaw public show of underwear This news mainly tells that Atlanta would pass a proposal against indecent clothing, exposure of genitals and the breast of a woman, and sex in public. The author showed his/her approval toward this ordinance, yet he/she also presented the obstacles. According to the testimony referred to in this piece of new, author concerns about the little children. If the indecent dressing becomes popular, it would negatively influence the children. The author also gives the consultant and the
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Unformatted text preview: governor’s description toward this proposal to show how it is being processed to let the readers know more about it. The words “show off, indecent” show the author’s approval. Some other cities have considered banning saggy pants but only one passed such an ordinance. The issue of this ordinance will probably show the racial discrimination to the black people and arouse another social problem. The governors still have to go to church or other organizations to discuss about this bill....
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