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Extra - Performed in the New Year ceremony of E-Commerce...

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Extra-curricular Activities Piao Lina College (Northeast Normal University, China) 2007 Studied Japanese in extra-curriculum time Experienced being a volunteer for the Asian Winter Game in Changchun, China 2006 Participated in the Professor Peter Bechlund’s program, Business Contact A. Listened to the lecture B. Organized and visited local Wangpeng glasses company Participated in the Jingyue Cup speech competition and got the third prize Studied TOEFL in New Oriental School in Changchun, China
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Unformatted text preview: Performed in the New Year ceremony of E-Commerce Department in NENU Got the First-classed Scholarship Given the honor of Honored Student 2005 Joined in the Students’ Union Have organized and hosted three English Corner for students since 2005 Hosted the first English debating competition of Foreign Language School High School 2004 Participated in the School Volleyball Game....
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