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How did it work? This piece of new s is about the prevention of car jam. The concert organizer help prevent big gatherings from overloading nearby neighborhoods with traffic. The audience would come by taking buses and taxis and trains, riding bicycles, or walking. The author approves this social phenomenon because it is a fund-raiser to develop more parkland. He hopes it could go on. He quoted “Part of the reason for doing this was to be able to develop a template.” The reduction of the transportation can stop inundation of the park neighborhood. The author writes this piece of news because he wants the readers to be more aware of the problem of transportation, especially when certain even t , like a concert, is going on. The evidence of Mary Beth is offered. Mary Beth, as a landowner of the concert
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Unformatted text preview: nationhood, suffered much from the car jam. However, the Saturday concert was a different one due to what the concert organizers’ consideration. Other people would concern that crowds would cause a long wait for trains immediately after the concert. The author here quotes the estimation of MARTA chief operating officer Franklin Beauford that, even at the busiest times, the longest concertgoers had to wait for a train was probably 15 minutes. I do stand by the author because the prevention of driving to the concert not only can stop the car jam, clear up the troubles of the nearby citizens, but also is a good way to benefit the society, because it booms the social industry....
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