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TCOM 2060 Feb. 20 2008 Topic: Does greater democracy lead to more open media, or, does more open media lead to greater democracy? “Media were assigned responsibility for providing educational broadcasting, promoting democracy and human rights, and providing balanced programming” (125). From this sentence, my understanding is that more open media will be one of most effective ways to achieve democracy. The powerful media really publicize the democracy, reveal and tell the truth of events to public. Therefore, more open media will lead to greater democracy. Usually media is under the control of government, especially in socialist countries. In China, people have less democracy such as the main stream TV channels, newspapers and websites for the mouthpiece of the Chinese government. Chinese people waked up and began fighting for their equal rights, democracy by their body and soul. In 1989, Tiananmen Square Massacre, It was the first time for Chinese people to get attentions of seeking democracy from the whole world. They
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