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MA - sacred atmosphere I like it The evolution of the music...

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1 Music Appreciation 25 September 2007 Gregorian Chant and Renaissance Music Gregorian chant Veni Creator Veni Creator is the song I hear for the Gregorian part. This is a song without music instruments accompaniment. First, I heard only one voice, and then I heard the chord of more voices. It does not repeat the same rhythm. When I listen to it, I can think about some sacred scene. I don’t like it much because the tone is not very nice. Renaissance Music Kyrie (By Palestrina 1500s) This song has several voice parts, which makes it very changeful and nice. The voices interweave naturally and sound smoothly. This also creates an
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Unformatted text preview: sacred atmosphere. I like it. The evolution of the music can be compared conspicuously from Gregorian chant to Renaissance songs. Renaissance music is changeful and full. Agnus-dei-ii (By Palestrina 1500s) The chord begins from the first. This is also a song that sounds full. Though there is no musical instrument accompaniment, it is a piece of changeful melody. It makes me associate it with a church, a choir. I like this because of the fluctuant rhythm and transform between the female and male voices....
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