Medieval music is the European music written during the Middle Ages

Medieval music is the European music written during the Middle Ages

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Medieval music is the European music written during the Middle Ages. This era begins in five century and ends in approximately the middle of the fifteenth century. For the uninitiated, medieval music is not just Gregorian chant like that made popular by the Benedectine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos. Chant does exhibit an almost trance-like quality, but it's the nature of the genre to only use about a half dozen notes and about as many different rhythmic patterns. Add to this the fact that there is no harmony, and you have a genre of music where every piece sounds almost exactly the same. So I'm more interested in instrumental music and medieval polyphony like organum. This music creates an amazing, transcendental atmosphere. I suppose part of the reason I like medieval music is because I'm absolutely fascinated with the medieval era; this naturally includes the music from this time period. I find that most people, even musicians and composers, have little or no interest in experiencing medieval music. So I suppose this is my attempt to win some converts, a sort of low-level overview of the music from a time that seems so far, yet is so deeply engrained in Western culture. Basically, all early music can be divided into two general categories: sacred and secular. Christianity was a dominant part of medieval culture, so an entire musical style developed just to support it. Sacred music was therefore set to the text of the Bible or at least inspired by it. This meant it was necessary for composers of sacred music to have some sort of education, a rare commodity in those days. For those who did not have the musical training and Biblical literacy needing for composing sacred music, there was the less-sophisticated (but equally important) realm of secular music. Medieval music sounds nothing like modern music.  For the uninitiated, medieval music is not just  Gregorian chant like that made popular by the  Benedectine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos.  Chant does exhibit an almost trance-like quality,  but it's the nature of the genre to only use about a  half dozen notes and about as many different  rhythmic patterns. Add to this the fact that there is  no  harmony, and you have a genre of music where every piece sounds almost exactly the same. 
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So I'm more interested in instrumental music and medieval polyphony like organum. This 
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Medieval music is the European music written during the Middle Ages

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