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jm1 - Zeus’ Battle with the Giants-Gigantomachy the...

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Greek Myth Rise of Zeus- Succession myth: a story that demonstrates the change of order, the succession of power in the universe. Zeus’ marriage to Metis (‘Cleverness’) Prophecy of Zeus’ children, his preemptive actions, he eats Metis while she is pregnant with his child. Birth of Athena, goddess of wisdom and war Characteristics of Athena, she also has masculine traits, and is a virgin goddess
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Unformatted text preview: Zeus’ Battle with the Giants-Gigantomachy- the battle between Zeus and the Giants The roles of Heracles The defeat of the Giants The World Divided: • Zeus- Master of Heaven • Poseidon- Master of the Sea • Hades- The Underworld Themes in Creation Myth- Folktale elements • Diffusion of elements • Succession • Gender roles • Family conflict Titans- Savage forces of Nature...
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