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jm2 - Kumarbi vs Teshub Origins of Mortals Greek interest...

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Zeus- civilized statesman, Patriarchal system established Eastern Creation Stories- Enuma elish- Babylonian poem Tiamat (Saltwater) – Apsu (Freshwater) Anu(sky God), Ea( early great god of Babylon) Marduk (here = Enlil, Storm God) First written law code Hittites-( Late BA) Kingship in Heaven Alalush vs Anush (sky) after 9 years they fight Anush vs Kumarbi after 9 they fight
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Unformatted text preview: Kumarbi vs Teshub Origins of Mortals Greek interest Various creators • Zeus, Prometheus • Ovid – Metamorphoses Prometheus-“Forethought” • Characteristics, the trickster God, will try and out wit and outsmart gods. • Relationship with Zeus and humans- the champion of humans and rebels against Zeus....
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