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o Silver Race Longevity and youth Violent, impiety Underground spirits after death o Bronze Race Born from the Ash trees Warlike, Strong, Violent- always fighting Use of Bronze To Hades upon Death- first people to be sent to Hades o Race of Heroes Race of notable figures (Achilles, Theseus, etc) Notable events (Trojan War(very important to the Greeks), Seven Against Thebes, etc) Improvements Isle of the Blessed- on the far west coast, beyond Gibraltar (pillars of Hercules). DO NOT GO TO HADES! o Iron Race Hesiod’s Age
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Unformatted text preview: Toil and Sorrow Familial discord – fighting within the family Lies, evil, shamelessness o Other races of man Ovid – Metamorphoses Persia Four races of man, leaves out the Race of Heroes Different ages learned different skills and gain technology The Golden Age was the best and each age after that was little bit worse. • Flood Myths o Summer (3 rd Millennium BC) Ziusudra o Akkad (ca. 1700 BC) Acadian’s are sematic people. Atrahasis Roles of Enlil and Ea (Enki)...
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