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o Old Testament Noah’s ark Reason for the flood Covenant Mt. Ararat o Epic of Gilgamesh Utnapishtim Related to story of Atrahasis, Old Testament Mt. Nimush, Birds (dove , swallow, raven) Immortality Greek Flood Myth o Reasons for Flood Lycaon Offerings to Zeus Punishment – earliest werewolf story o Deucalion(m) and Pyrrha(f) Son of Prometheus Daughter of Epimetheus Mt. Parnassus Hellen(m) (Hellenes) Aeolus, Dorus, Xuthus (father of Ion)
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Unformatted text preview: • The Olympians o Cult was established by the 6 th Century BC. o Zeus as head (“father”) of gods and men o List is flexible o Concerns and activities of the Greeks themselves o A reflection of the organization of the Greek family and the tensions between the sexes. • Zeus, Lord of the Sky o ZEUS (from DI- “shine or Sky”) “Father of Gods and Men” o Strength o The Aegis (‘goat skin’) o Weapons Thunderbol...
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