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o Sacred Animals Bull(symbolizes strength) and Eagle(Represents the sky) o Zeus (Jupiter) Law and Justice Xenia – “a formal institution of friendship” or hospitality Ex. Paris and Menelaus o Zeus, Lord of the Sky Reproductive power/ promiscuity Hera – official wife Seduction of Zeus Allegories Marriage to Metis Affair with Themis The Horae (3) “Seasons” Regular divisions of time Customs, order The Moerae “fates” - the children of Zeus and Thetis o Clotho (‘Spinner’)
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Unformatted text preview: o Lachesis (‘Apportioner’) o Atropos (‘Unyielding’) The three Graces (charites) • Eurynome (an Oceanid) • Qualities and Characteristics of young virgin women The nine Muses • Mnemosyne (‘memory’) o Poets and musicians (invocations) o Would recite poems as songs and from memory Male Lovers • Ganymede o Trojan Prince • Hera (Juno) o Hera is the Proper wife of Zeus Goddess of marriage, women’s sexuality and fertility...
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