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jm7 - ‘The Earth Shaker’ God of The Sea •...

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The cow (‘cow-eyed’) Relationship with Zeus Pissed off at the world cause of the bad marriage with Zeus o Hera Queen of Heaven Protector of marriage Children with Zeus o Ares (“Most hated”) o Eileithyia (childbirth) o Hebe (personified Youth) o Hephaestus (born lame, the forger of the gods) Argos Oldest temple (Argive Heraion) In the Trojan War she was the protector of the Argives and their kings Agamemnon. Olympia Temple older than Zeus Predates it by about a century o Poseidon (Neptune)
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Unformatted text preview: ‘The Earth Shaker’- God of The Sea • Relationship with humans- does not like them, people pray to him so he won’t do stuff • Iconography o Similarities to Zeus Marriage to Amphitrite • Triton – half man half fish o The Conch o Affairs o Greek Anthropmorphism Gods portrayed in human form • Ichor Live like humans (marriage, families, etc) Act like Humans (sex, intrigue, etc) • Result – lively narrative • Male Deities...
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