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o Apollo the Far-Darter, God of Prophecy The origins of Apollo and his name is unknown Connection with the North Mother is the Titan Leto Had an affair with Zeus Artemis – Goddess of the Hunt, Virgin goddess , woodland goddess as well, both use the Bows Sun God (in Classical Period) – “Phoebus” Artemis = Darkness and Moon Archer God- “The Far Shooting” God of Plague (“lord of Mice”) o Agamemnon – Chryses- Apollo Other aspects Music, poetry o Marsyas, the Satyr o Apollo challenged Marsyas and won, therefore he filleted Marsyas and hung it on a tree as a warning
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Unformatted text preview: o The Birth of Apollo on Delos The Homeric Hymn to Apollo Leto and Zeus • Persecuted by Hera • Accepted by Delos and Ortugia Ortugia (Quail Island”) • Artemis- oversee childbearing Delos (“Clear, Bright”) • Apollo • Impact on the island, Panhelenic Sanctuary It’s also very well connected with the world, this includes Egypt. o Apollo at Delphi Delphi was an oracular shrine dedicated to Apollo at the slopes of the Mount Parnassus PanHellenic Sanctuary Python...
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