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jm10 - Hybrid Protector of pastures and fertility Son of...

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Herms- placed on the edge of towns or boudaries o Apotropaic function Protector of travelers, merchants, heralds, thieves He is a herald and he carries the caduceus Emblem of heralds Other iconography He is called Hermes Pyschopompos “Soul Guide” because he leads the dead into the house of Hades. The slaying of Argus panoptes Hundred-eyed Giant After the Hermes is called Argeiphontes “the Slayer of Argus” The Homeric Hymn to Hermes (6 th C BC) Read it in Powell 189-199 Hermes vs. Apollo Inventor of the Lier o Reflection of contemporary society o Pan, The Goatherd’s God
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Unformatted text preview: Hybrid Protector of pastures and fertility Son of Hermes At his birth he was so ugly that his mother ran away in terror He desired the nymph Syrinx who transformed herself into a reed • Creation of the Syrinx (Pan-Flute) He lived in wild Arcadia • Rustic mountain deity Effect of Humans • Roles at the Battle of Marathon Multiplicity- many images Pan, Faunus, Silvanus, Silenus, • Pans, fauns , silvani, Satyrs o Hephaestus, God of Smiths Hephaestus => the fire of the metalworker’s forge The god of smiths and craftsmen...
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