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jm14 - Aegis leather breast plate • The Owl her sacred...

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o Mt. Siplyon (sipylus) Orion Son of Poseidon o Anger of Artemis Various Reasons Fate of Orion- Zeus put him up into the stars Orion and scorpio Callisto Seduced by Zeus o Turned into a bear by Artemis Her son Arcas Ursa Maior and Ursa Minor o Athena Goddess of Wisdom Daughter of Metis and Zeus Protector of the city, the crafts of the home (weaving), and war Patron deity of Athens Contest with Poseidon Favorite daughter of Zeus
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Unformatted text preview: Aegis- leather breast plate • The Owl- her sacred animal, animal of wisdom • “Parthenos” her temple is the Parthenon Arachne • Chllenges Athena o Outcome- turned into a spider, and all her generations to be as well o Athena’s reaction- gets pissed-of at Arachne and hits her with the loom o Demeter Great Goddess • Role divided in Greek mythology o Artemis, Aphrodite, Hera Great Mother Goddess...
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